My Go-To Song for April

by Rachel on April 16, 2014

Good Green Earth Music Therapy Song for Spring

There’s a certain song that I look forward to pulling out every single year. Some years, I have the willpower to wait until April; this was not one of those years. I caved in March and reintroduced my students to “Good Green Earth” by James K.

I call this my go-to song for April because it’s the month during which Earth Day falls, and I originally learned this song for an Earth Day school assembly. It doesn’t spread the “reduce, reuse, recycle” message — but it DOES touch on many of the earth’s cycles (the clock, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons). These are all important concepts that are included in many of my students’ learning objectives.

Interestingly, the YouTube video I recorded of this song has been viewed more than almost all of my other videos, so I’m not the only fan! I talk more about how I use this song in sessions below:

I’ve written my own songs (many, in fact) on the topics of telling time, days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons, but I love how James K has combined all of the above into a catchy, singable tune that just screams for corresponding motions.

I sing this song with toddlers who are learning to imitate those motor skills, and they enjoy it just as much as preschoolers and older elementary kiddos who are working hard to learn all the information presented through the lyrics. (However, they probably don’t enjoy it quite as much as I do. I really, really love this song!)


{Mama Moment} When the Cat’s Away…

by Rachel on April 14, 2014

Baby Playing With InstrumentsThis weekend, I snuck away for a little lunch and shopping date with my mom. Of course I had to check in on my little guy while I was gone, and my husband sent several photos — all of Parker playing with my instruments.

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play” was the caption that popped into my head immediately. Just look at that face; he knows exactly what he’s getting away with!

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Zach told me that all Parker wanted to do was play my instruments, considering he makes a beeline for my studio first thing every morning. I usually let him explore (completely supervised) for a little while, and then redirect him to the living room full of his toys and more age-appropriate instruments. As much as I love that he is obsessed with my guitar, I’d rather him stick to his toy guitar for a few more years ;)

For more mama moments and Parker updates (including an abundance of adorable photos and videos), check out my family blog,


Guitar Lessons With Amy Benton

by Rachel on April 5, 2014

Guitar Lessons with Amy Benton

I met Amy Benton at Illinois State University, where we were both music therapy students. I was always impressed with her talent as a guitarist and songwriter, not to mention her lovely personality. I was thrilled to find out she had moved to Springfield, and it was so nice reconnecting with her over coffee this past summer.

I couldn’t be happier to share that Amy is now offering guitar lessons and currently taking new students of all ages. Here’s a little more about her.

Amy grew up in Taylorville, IL. She took guitar lessons, volunteered playing music at local nursing homes, performed in the community, started a music program for kids at the park district, and taught guitar lessons. After completing an internship at a school for autism, she graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor in Music in music therapy. She moved to Tennessee to pursue songwriting and performing. She got board-certified, started a music and movement program for preschoolers at a YMCA in Tennessee, and worked as a music therapist at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Amy has had several songs recorded by independent artists, an album produced by Pat Flynn, and opened for many national acts. She now resides in Springfield, IL, where she started “6 Strings \ 6 Weeks” (a program for adults who always have wanted to play the guitar) through Springfield Area Arts Council, teaches guitar lessons, and performs regionally.

Any student would be lucky to have Amy as a guitar instructor. If you live in the Springfield area and are seeking lessons, please contact me via email.


“Make This Count!”

by Rachel on April 3, 2014

NICU Music Therapy Certification

A couple weeks ago, I was talking to a friend whom I have a lot in common. Like me, Mallory Even is a music therapist, business owner, and mom. During the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I had recently started saying “no” to work-related opportunities that didn’t excite or inspire me. Mallory agreed, and added:

When I am away from my kiddos, I am always thinking, “make this count!”

Yes, yes, yes. I feel more driven than ever when it comes to my career, and Mallory articulated the reason why perfectly. If I’m going to be spending precious minutes and hours away from my baby, they’d better be spent well. I think this has made me a better therapist and teacher, which in turn benefits my students.

A recent “make this count!” experience: becoming certified in NICU music therapy. Attending the lecture component, fieldwork training, and completing the outside reading and exams were a huge time commitment, but the joy I felt in receiving that certificate was a reminder that it was worth the effort.

I’m genuinely excited about the work I’m doing these days and the direction(s) in which I’m heading professionally. There’s no room for indifference or ambivalence in my life, and I’m learning to feel less guilty when I turn down commitments that would most likely evoke those feelings.

Now if only I could rewind a few years and tell my younger self to take this approach; guess I’ll chalk it up to growing older and wiser, right?


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