January 2010

Friday Fave: The Most Caring Radio Station

January 29, 2010

Last November, I had the amazing opportunity of participating in 103.7 WDBR’s annual radiothon, which benefits The St. Johns Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.  I wrote and recorded two songs based on the stories of parents and children whose lives were saved by these organizations, and the songs were played on-air throughout the weekend. […]

Do the Clock Rock!

January 27, 2010

My students and I have been rocking out all month to this song (which can be found on the pages of my Listen & Learn Songbook, by the way!) and this blog post is definitely past due. Telling time is another one of those skills that every child must learn, and I have come across […]

Link & Learn: Marvelous Music

January 26, 2010

One of the benefits of writing this blog is having the opportunity to share links to sites that I find interesting, educational, or just plain fun.  I’m going to make an effort to do more of this in 2010, so be on the lookout for that silver surfer, the official mascot of my new feature, […]

Sunday Singalong: Brand New

January 25, 2010

I had every intention of recording a new video for this week’s edition of Sunday Singalong, and then life got in the way.  I spent most of last week/the weekend working on an upcoming project (to be announced at a later date!) and preparing for a new Church Mice session, which began today.  Throw in […]

Friday Fave: Music Therapy in Arizona

January 22, 2010

You may be wondering why I’m featuring music therapy in Arizona today, when I live clear across the country in Illinois.  Well here’s the thing: one of the main reasons I write this blog is because my readers (YOU!) continue to provide such positive feedback and support.  It is the very least I can do […]

Put the Scarf on Your…

January 21, 2010

One of the go-to items in my “bag of tricks” is the scarf.  I have a whole rainbow of them (which you can find here) in the bottom drawer of my studio’s supply chest, and my students usually raid it before our music therapy session is through.  I love incorporating scarf activities into my session […]

Today at Listen & Learn Plus!

January 21, 2010

With all of the winter weather we’ve experienced in the Midwest lately, I’ve been getting lots of mileage out of my “Snowy Day” song.  Well now, so can my readers at Listen & Learn Music Plus! The lead sheet for this tune, complete with lyrics and chords, as well as the mp3 download are available […]

Catching Up

January 20, 2010

I’m back from the Big Apple and thoroughly ashamed to have neglected Listen & Learn for an entire week!  I honestly can’t remember the last time I went so long between posts, and I feel a bit like a failed blogger :(  The truth is, I was already behind schedule before my trip, and being […]

Big Apple Bound!

January 13, 2010

New York City, that is.  Tomorrow, my husband and I will head east for a few days to attend a friend’s wedding (Zach is a groomsman), but not before spending a couple days as tourists in the city.  My best friend lives there, so we’re going to meet up with her, along with a few […]

That Yellow Bus

January 11, 2010

Transitions from one place or activity to another are one of my students’ biggest areas of struggle.  One particularly difficult transition that a majority of children face on a daily basis is getting on and off on the bus.  Student arrival and departure is quite an event at my school, especially for students who ride […]

Sunday Singalong: What Do You Do?

January 11, 2010

You can find the original post of this song, including lyrics, here. Listen & Learn reader Erin Breedlove requested that I feature “What Do You Do?” as today’s Sunday Singalong song, and since that is what I chose, Erin will receive a free album download of her choice.  Congrats, Erin!  Everyone else – send next […]

Birthday Boy

January 9, 2010

Somebody is turning 27 around here, and it’s not me!  My husband, Zach, who is a whopping five months older than me, will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, and the rest of the family and I will be there right along with him. Although Zach and I have only been married for a year and […]

Friday Fave: Skype

January 8, 2010

The first time I Skyped (yes, this is a legitimate verb), it was with some of my family who live in Denver, including my 3-year-old niece and 1-year-old nephew.  It was so much fun; I got to hear Kaitlin sing some songs, and see how big Jacob had gotten since the last time they visited. […]

Currently Covering…

January 6, 2010

I found Little Miss Ann by way of iTunes last winter, and immediately fell in love with her song, “Clap For Love” from her CD of the same title.  I try to include at least one fun movement-focused tune in each music therapy session, and this one fits the bill perfectly.  The actions are simple, the language […]

Making Friends: A Step-by-Step Song

January 5, 2010

One of my favorite things about the holidays was getting to see all my friends who grew up with me in Springfield, but now live far away.  Katie (middle) and I have been friends since we got our identical winter coats mixed up after a show choir performance in the 8th grade.  She was my […]

Sunday Singalong: Time to Sing Hello

January 3, 2010

You might remember that my New Year’s resolution is to do more of what I’ve already been doing in terms of blogging, projects, and music therapy – to step it up a notch, if you will.  There’s no time like the present to get started, so I’m excited to introduce a new weekly feature here […]

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