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In case you missed it, yesterday I posted a video in honor of music therapy social media advocacy month. Since I wanted to reach out to lots of people — not just music therapists, but those outside of our community as well — I chose to take a really popular song and make it all about music therapy.

Music Therapy Lumineers Cover

I’ve learned over the years that everyone loves a good cover or parody of their favorite songs. Just this past summer, I adapted Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe into a song for my students called “Sit With Me Maybe” which ended up becoming my best-selling song ever.

So this time around, I selected a tune I’ve really been digging and is unavoidable on the radio right now: The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”. I used what I’ve learned from experience to tailor my version so that it serves my purpose, which is to honor my clients and educate others about music therapy.

Today at Listen & Learn Plus, I’m sharing the lead sheet for my adaptation (titled “You, Me & Music Therapy”) and my Top 10 Tips for Adapting a Popular Song.

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