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Every single year, I rack my brain for creative yet inexpensive gifts I can give to ALL 50 of my students. This is a challenge, because I work with a wide range of children and young adults in both the music therapy and music education setting.

Last year I gave out framed “Keep Calm and Play/Strum/Ukulele/Sing On” quotes, which proved to be a big hit amongst all of my students. So this year, I wanted to do something similar yet more functional. And when I received a promo for a huge Vistaprint sale back in late November, I came up with the perfect gift.

2013 Calendar Cover

I chose 12 of my favorite quotes about music and designed a calendar at the happy tune of $4/pop. A little pricy when you multiply by 50, but my students were so pleased with their gifts that they were well worth the extra bones.

Today at Listen & Learn Plus, members can download all 12 of the images I created, which are already sized for a Vistaprint calendar template — though you could totally DIY your own version. Here are a couple pages from the finished product:

2013 Music Quote Calendar

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