Rachel with GuitarA few words and phrases I might use to describe myself: mom, music therapist, singer, songwriter, educator, social media and technology enthusiast. So what happens when all of these aspects of my life converge? Well, you’re looking at it! Listen & Learn is where all of my interests and skills are combined for one purpose: to help children learn and grow through music.

It was my students who inspired me to start this site in September of 2008. My collection of original songs had grown rapidly, and I wanted to put them out there for other music therapists, parents, and teachers who might find them useful. The blog grew out of passion for what I was doing, as well as the incredible response I received.

Here you will find over 150 songs for children covering cognitive, social, emotional, and physical concepts. I also enjoy sharing anecdotes from my daily life, especially those related to motherhood.

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