Shape identification is a skill I’ve addressed through music with countless students, and I think I’ve also lost count of the songs and activities I’ve used for this particular goal area. There are plenty of songs out there about shapes, but I decided to write my own so that I could choose which shapes I wanted to include, as well as specific examples of each.

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Rectangle, circle, triangle, square,
Find them here and there.
In your house, and outside too,
Shapes are everywhere.

Books and doors and picture frames
Are rectangles, usually.
Two sides are short, two sides are long,
Which rectangles can you see?


Wheels and buttons and lollipops
Are circles, usually.
Circles are round and have no sides,
Which circles can you see?


Slices of pizza, cake, and pie
Are triangles, usually.
Three sides that can be short or long,
Which triangles can you see?


Blocks and cheese and checkerboards
Are squares, usually.
Four sides that are all the same,
Which squares can you see?


See what other objects your students can identify in these four different shapes…I actually had a hard time coming up with a few of them! This song just begs for pictures to accompany it, which would be a great art project. What songs or activities have you used to teach shapes? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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