5 Little Monkeys Play Hide & SeekIt’s been a while since I shared a singable story with you all, so here’s one that I’ve been enjoying with my students lately.  It’s called Five Little Monkeys Play Hide & Seek, and I bought it because this monkey book has always been such a hit.

What I didn’t realize when ordering the book from Amazon was just how long it was.  Since many of the kiddos I work with have fleeting attention spans, I don’t “sing” all 40 pages…instead, I paper-clip part of the middle section together which allows me to skip a few of the repetitive verses.  (For those of you who own the book, I clip pages 13-23 together and don’t lose any of the essential details of the story.)

However, when I recorded the tune I made up for this book, I did include each and every verse.  It goes like this:

Pretty cute, right? Yesterday I sang this story with a pair of sisters — one is 2 and the other is 7 — and they both enjoyed it equally. I love books, songs and activities that appeal to such a broad age span!  Are you reading (or better yet, singing) any good stories with your students or children?

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