Just recently, I was discussing with another music therapist how difficult it can be to find songs by popular artists that are appropriate for use with our students. The very next morning while working out at the gym, this song popped up on my iPod…and I have to say I was surprised to find out who was singing it.

You’ve probably heard “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars, which is a fun tune that isn’t quite kid-friendly in its original form (although my student and I rewrote some of the lyrics for this version). However, this one is — and you better believe I came home from the gym and downloaded the sheet music for it immediately.

“Count on Me” sort of reminds me of the songs on Jack Johnson’s Singalongs and Lullabyes album: equally appealing to both children and adults. I’m always on the hunt for music that falls into that category…do you have any to share with me?

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