It’s time once again to give you the run-down of all of the wonderful Listen & Learn sponsors. I’m extremely proud to feature all of the following resources here on the blog — please take a few minutes to check them out below:

Do you have a young child who wants to play the piano, but you can’t afford or find a piano teacher? Now you can teach your child to play the piano…even if you have no musical background! Invite Miss Leslie into your home to teach you and your child how to make music at the keyboard: click here to learn more. Miss Leslie will hold a drawing for a free copy to people who sign up for her newsletter during October at Also, anyone who signs up for her newsletter this month will receive a coupon for $7.00 off the price of the package.

Opus Music Education offers a searchable database of music teachers in California and affordable private music lessons in virtually every instrument. Every first music lesson is always free. Opus also offers Opus Music Worksheets, a database of high quality, free printable music education resources, including free music theory worksheets, free music flashcards, free music business forms, and many other free music learning resources for music teachers, music students, and parents.

Online Piano Chords

OnlinePianist is very close to launching a new player, which will include seven new and amazing features: letter notes running simultaneously with the song, an adjustable repeat function for the hard parts of the song, manual metronome for better accuracy, segmentation of the song to verses, chorus, interlude, etc., zoom-in functionality, letter notes on the piano keys, and cool themes & layouts of the player. Click to see a preview!

Theta Music Trainer will help train your ear with fun music games, sharpen your sense of pitch and tone, unlock the hidden patterns in music, and strengthen your music theory skills. They’ve added five new music games over the summer, as well as many new features for teachers and students. It’s now easier for teachers to assign games for homework, check student progress on games and submit feedback. You can check it all out at

Music Therapy Tunes

Margie La Bella, a music therapist and educator, manages Music Therapy Tunes and has recently been published in Imagine, the early childhood music therapy magazine (pg 68). Margie also has a free song available via Songs For Teaching. The song is called “Play and Do” and it’s on her album titled Play.

Make Me Musical

Susan Seale of Make Me Musical is sending out the September newsletter sometime this week.  It is a practical monthly resource for parents and professionals who nurture children through the arts.  You still have time to sign up for the latest issue.  Check it out!


Have you heard about the Soundbeam? This seriously cool system detects the distance, direction and velocity of body movements in a defined space, and translates these body gestures into control signals for creating electronic music or manipulating multimedia. It’s being used in special education, music therapy, the music classroom, museums, and science centers…and you can learn all about it at the website of our wonderful sponsor, SoundTree.

Involve Me Music Shout-Out

Do you ever wish your school’s professional development days were geared to your needs as a music educator? Involve Me Music is accepting in-service bookings for limited openings for the winter/spring/summer of 2012.  Check out more info at

More With Music

Music therapist and songwriting extraordinaire Amanda Ellis of More With Music has this to report: “I am really enjoying the true heart of music therapy: reaching many students through music.  Some days, it’s the most simple things like putting a smile on a student’s face, helping them to develop confidence and self esteem, and watching them reach their goals.  Other days, it’s watching a student “let go” to the power of music and being brave enough to try to do a skill/activity that he/she didn’t think they would ever be able to do.  I love working with students who are nonverbal and helping them learn to use their voice with voice output devices (Big Macs, GoTalks, Dynavox,etc.).  I feel so appreciated when support staff tell me the students do so much more within our music therapy sessions. While I haven’t posted regularly on More with Music lately, I still remain very thankful for all my readers!”

Stefanie Anderson Eckert, MM, MT-BC is the owner of A-Z Music Therapy Services, which provides services to individuals with disabilities in San Antonio and South Central Texas. Stefanie works in many different settings, including schools for children with autism and assisted living facilities. Her website offers additional resources and contact information for individuals interested in her services.

Music Therapy Maven Shout-Out

Kimberly Sena Moore, the Music Therapy Maven also co-manages Music Therapy Pro while simultaneously pursuing her doctorate at UMKC. Join Kimberly’s newsletter to keep up with the latest music therapy happenings, musings, and much more! Be sure also to like her Facebook page, Neurosong Music Therapy Services.

Rhythm Ring

Rhythm Ring rocks! If you haven’t picked up your own Rhythm Ring yet (they are only $5 each!) then you need to drop everything and get one. I love mine, and use it all the time with my students, at gigs, and even in my “Sunday Singalong” videos. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and announcements.

Joyfull Cup

Joyfull Cup has an exciting new focus! Fundraising! Do you own a non-profit, or do your kids have to fundraise for their extra curricular activities? Why not raise some money and be able to offer a healthy alternative to cookie dough or wrapping paper? This fundraising opportunity will be selling healthy coffee! I bet almost everyone you know drinks coffee, why not offer them a healthy alternative? If you are interested in more information, please contact Stephanie Shehan at

Music Therapy Tween

Michelle Erfurt from the Music Therapy Tween continues to share useful information for music therapy students, interns, and professionals alike. She has started selling these beautiful hand-made boomwhacker ® totes and recently shared two videos to help organize blogs that you follow and blog posts so that you can read them later.

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