The Lollipop Bop

The Lollipop Bop

Last summer, my nephew Mason came over for a little music-making session with his aunt Rachel. My father-in-law caught some of the action on camera, including the photo above of Mason playing away on the lollipop drum.

I’ve been using this instrument a LOT lately in my music therapy sessions, which inspired me to write The Lollipop Bop. It’s the first lollipop drum-specific tune in my collection, and I’m digging it! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

The song has a bit of a retro feel to it, right? It just makes me want to pick up a lollipop drum and bop along to the music. Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to try it out with my students until the fall session begins next week, but I’m already looking forward to doing so!

Off to School!

Off to School

It’s that time again: most of my students are off to school today! So in honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to give one of my older songs a bit of a facelift.

I wrote “Off to School” way back in 2009, and you can read the original blog post here. It’s been a staple at this time of year ever since, and I figured that because I get so much use out of it, many of you probably can too.

Feelings are mixed amongst my students about returning to school. While many of them are excited to see their friends again, some are struggling with academic and social anxiety. These feelings are completely normal, and will hopefully dissipate over the first few days and weeks.

While my kiddos are off to school today, I’m enjoying another beautiful day in Italy! Make sure to stop my by personal blog for a daily recap (with photos) of my travels.

The Goodnight Song

The Goodnight Song

The end of the summer means getting back into the routine not only of waking up for school in the morning, but also of going to sleep on time. I remember being a kid and dreading the earlier bedtime that came along with the start of a new school year, and I know children everywhere are feeling the same right about now.

This is the first “goodnight” song I’ve written, and while I wanted it to be appropriate for bedtime, I didn’t want to go all out lullaby. It has a bit of a groove to it, but the overall vibe is chill. I know it makes me want to do exactly what the little girl in the picture is doing!

I’m not in school anymore (nor do I work in one any longer), but I still find myself going to bed earlier once the end of August hits. I suppose it’s just one way of showing camaraderie with my students :)

Seven Days in a Week

With the school year beginning in just a few weeks, I’ve had classroom topics on the brain. I know that calendar songs are part of the daily routine in many classrooms, so I’m adding one more to my long list of ’em.

Seven Days in a Week lists each day of the week several times throughout the song so that it helps children not only learn the names of each day, but also the order. The song also touches on the difference between weekdays and weekends. Take a listen:

This song can be used in conjunction with a “Today Is” kind of song (I have always used this one) or just as a standalone.

After working in a school for several years, I’ve heard MANY songs about the days of the week — and I know they can get old pretty quickly if you hear them every day. That’s why I’m all about revisiting topics I’ve already written songs for and providing lots of options. In my experience, using a different song to address a long-term goal can be just what a child needs to finally master it.

What are your favorite “days of the week” and other calendar songs?

Friday Fave: Instagram


When it comes to apps that are not directly related to music and music therapy, Instagram has quickly become my new favorite. In fact, I much prefer my iPhone to my camera (even the fancy new one my husband and I just bought) these days so that I can ‘gram my pics immediately.

Although I use Instagram mostly to share photos of my dog, yummy food, and other random things, I have seen other music therapists using it to give us an insight into their work day. (Two such friends who come to mind are Rachel See Smith and David Symons.)

I must admit, ever since downloading this app, I find myself going out of my way for opportunities to take Instagram-worthy photos. I’ll have plenty of opportunities in a couple of weeks, when my husband and I jet off to Europe :)

You can find me on Instagram by searching for @rachelrambach, and you can also check out my weekly photo round-ups over at my personal blog. Feel free to share your Instagram handle in the comments!

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