Friday Fave: The Church Mice are Coming!

Church Mice

Three times a year, I spend the good part of a week preparing for my early childhood music class, Church Mice. The winter session begins on Sunday, so I’ve been busy this week writing and recording several new songs, burning CDs, and sending out reminders.

I’ve been leading this class for the last 6 years, and it is one of my very favorite parts of my job. Working with little kids (ages 0-4) is so much fun…there is never a dull moment in these 45-minute classes. We play instruments, read stories, and of course, do lots of singing and dancing.

It’s always interesting to watch the interaction between the little ones and the older students — many of those older students started attending when they were just babies and toddlers themselves! This will be the first session since finding out I’m pregnant, so I’m sure I’ll be imagining my own child and husband sitting in the circle with the other kids and their parents :)

There are lots of early childhood music classes in my town, and while I’m a fan of the more structured curricula like Kindermusik and Music Together, I love having the freedom of planning my own classes and using my own songs and activities for Church Mice. I will probably still be teaching this class when I am old and gray…ha!

Week 18

Week 18 Bump

Here I am at 18 weeks…not looking much bigger than I did at 15, 16, or 17. I know I’ll probably regret saying this later on, but I really wish that bump would grow so that I “look” pregnant!

As small as it may be, my belly has outgrown just about all of my regular clothes — I’m down to one pair of non-maternity pants (ironically, my “skinny” jeans). I am SO loving my closet full of maternity clothes, which are extremely comfortable and make my bump look much bigger and cuter than it actually is.

The Big 3-0

Zach's 30th Birthday

Someone turned 30 yesterday, and his initials are Z.R.R. It’s hard to believe that Zach’s twenties are really and truly over, especially since I’m not too far behind him!

When Zach and I got together, we were both 21 years old –almost an entire decade younger than we are now. We definitely lived it up over the past (almost) nine years, and I think we’re just where we should be in life at 29 and 30.

We celebrated the big birthday with a family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Maldaners. That was followed by the standard fudge nut and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake along with that big ol’ caramel ice cream sundae. Too much ice cream for Zach? No such thing.

Zach is going to celebrate again on Saturday with a boys’ night out, which I am more than happy to miss out on since I’ll be playing a gig. I won’t have any wild and crazy birthday celebrations this year, considering I will be 9 months pregnant on June 5! But that’s just fine with me…I’m more than willing to wait an extra week or so for the best 30th birthday gift ever.

Week 17

Week 17

Another week, another baby belly photo! This week, Junebug is the size of an onion. I can definitely tell a difference in the size of my bump, but no one has actually called me out on it yet (other than people who know I’m pregnant).

We had our 16 week doctor’s appointment at the end of last week, and it went great. We listened to the baby’s heartbeat, which was about 150 beats per minute, and scheduled our next BIG appointment — when we’ll find out whether it’s a girl or boy!

On January 25, we’ll have an ultrasound to check out the baby, but instead of having them tell us then and there, we’re going to have them write it down in an envelope. Zach’s dad is taking the envelope to Baskin-Robbins and having them decorate the cake based on the baby’s sex, and we’ll do a big reveal at dinner later that night with our family. I’m going to be going crazy all day with anticipation, but I think it will be worth it to have that fun moment.

The Year is 2013

The Year is 2013

The year has been 2013 for almost a week now, but luckily there are 51 weeks left to use my new song! I’ve had it written and waiting to be recorded for several days, and my voice finally returned today so that I could finish it up. Hooray for health in the new year :)

It’s kinda fun to think that this is the 6th (!) “year” song I’ve written in my career as a music therapist and songwriter. It’s a fun way to kick off every January, and these songs have become standards in my repertoire of calendar songs.

Although I won’t be writing and posting a new song EVERY week this year as I did in 2012, writing and recording this one has gotten me excited again about the whole process. I’m not sure if it’s possible to suffer from songwriting burnout; exhaustion, maybe…but burnout, I don’t think so.

I hope 2013 is going smoothly for you so far! Here’s to many more new songs and resources from Listen & Learn over the next 12 months.

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