I’m currently on maternity leave, and many of my colleagues have been kind enough to share their expertise through guest posts throughout the summer. The following comes to you from Rachel See, MA, MT-BC.

Music Therapy Services of Austin on Instagram

For the past year, Instagram has been one of my side projects/hobbies/obsessions (for those unfamiliar with the smartphone/tablet application, Instagram is an online photo album of sorts, displaying your photos “instantly”). I immediately became attracted to this free app; not because I wanted to share my own, personal pictures with the world, but because I thought it would make an amazing, instant way to advocate for the field of music therapy.

Members of Listen & Learn Plus! can read on to learn what Rachel did and what you can do to showcase music therapy to the world via Instagram.

Instagram: Instant Music Therapy Advocacy

Rachel See is the author of the ebooks “Children’s Songs for Therapy”, and, “Listen, Sing, Speak!”, as well as the creator of Music Therapy Mailings. She resides in Austin, Texas, where she is the owner of Music Therapy Services of Austin, LLC and enjoys spending time with her two dogs, finding fun and quirky instruments to use in her sessions, and eating too many fried pickles.

Website: MusicTherapyMailings.com & MusicTherapyServices.net
Facebook: facebook.com/MusicTherapyServicesofAustin
Instagram: instagram.com/musictherapyservicesofaustin
Twitter: @RachelSeeMTBC

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