Summertime Tune Album Cover

I’ve been writing this blog for almost 6 years now, and blabbing on and on about how much I love summer for just as long. So August is always a little bittersweet, because that means my favorite season is almost over and fall will be here in a blink.

But this year instead of feeling sad, I’m trying to relish the time that we still have left — almost an entire month! — before September is here. Step one: post my reworked version of an OLD classic.

Originally, this song was simply titled “Summer” (just like the rest of my songs about the seasons). I posted that version way back in 2009 and have been singing it with my students ever since, but this year wanted to change it up since I was including it in my Spring Into Summer songbook.

I changed the title to “Summertime Tune” and added some new instrumentation…I hope you like it! Listening to it makes me think of sitting outside with a glass of lemonade, enjoying the heat and a good book before jumping in the pool. Here’s to a few more weeks of glorious summer.

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