Songs to Encourage Moving and Grooving

Songs to Encourage Fine and Gross Motor Movement

One of the most important things to remember when working with children is that they NEED to move. Movement songs are absolutely essential to a successful music therapy session or music class. Once children have moved and stretched their bodies (and gotten some of that extra energy out), they are ready to learn!


Don’t Forget About Point A

Don't Forget About Point A | Listen & Learn Music

Yesterday as I was cleaning out my Google Drive, I came across some notes I had written back in 2010. I had titled the document “Point A to Point B”, and it was all about where I was in my career currently and where I wanted to end up eventually.


More Than Just Greeting Songs

More Than Just a Greeting Song | Listen & Learn Music

One of the very first things music therapy students learn when preparing for practicum experiences and internships is a greeting song and a goodbye song. Learning those staple songs seems like an easy task, but it’s much more complex than it sounds.


The October Session Plan is Here!

{October 2018} Session Plan

Spoiler alert: I already started putting the October session plan to use this week, and it has been a hit! Not only has it flowed well and kept my students/clients engaged, but it has also been really enjoyable for me to implement. The mix of songs this month just WORKS — and even more importantly, it’s working those goal areas!


{GGB 74} How We Do Early Childhood Classes

Guitars & Granola Bars Podcast | Episode 74: How We Do Early Childhood Classes | Listen & Learn Music

As we approach the fall season, Jaime and I are both busy preparing for new sessions of our early childhood music classes. Since this topic is top of mind for us right now, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do a deep dive into our role as early childhood music class instructors.


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