500 PostsI opened up WordPress this morning with the intention of posting a brand new custom song when I realized that I’ve hit the big 5-0-0.  That’s right: 500 posts in just a little over two years.  Holy smokes!

Here are a few more numbers to share with you.  Since Listen & Learn began in September of 2008, there are:

  • 500 blog posts
  • 163 original songs
  • 85 categories
  • 29 albums

Not to mention the countless emails I’ve received, friends I’ve made, opportunities I’ve had, and joy I’ve felt — just by keeping up this blog.  Thanks so much for being a part of that.  It’s fun to think ahead and wonder what I’ll be up to in my life when I hit 1,000 :)  But for now, I’ve got songs to write, music therapy sessions to facilitate, and more posts up my sleeve.

Oh, and that custom song I was planning to post this morning?  It will be here this afternoon…come back and check it out!

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