Summer Session Begins

After a long weekend in Florida, I’m feeling refreshed and excited about the start of the summer session at my studio today.  Truth be told, it was a little overwhelming to look at my calendar on the way to the airport yesterday and see 12 students scheduled for the very next day, but I’m up for the challenge!

Going into my third year running a music therapy and teaching studio, I’ve learned a few things that help keep my stress levels down at the start of each session.  Maybe these tips will help you, too…whether you are in private practice like me or work at a school or facility.

  • Nobody expects you to be perfect.  There are always kinks to be worked out, especially in the first week.
  • Every minute of every lesson or session does not need to be planned.
  • Be yourself.  This is especially important when meeting and working with new students and their families.
  • Go with the flow.  Flexibility is one of the keys to a successful music therapy session or music lesson.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, especially when working with children.  If you’re not relaxed, your student won’t be able to relax, either.
  • Remember, there’s always next week.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is every goal achieved and concept learned in one.

Not only will I be welcoming over 25 new students this week, but I will be welcoming all 60 of my students into my new studio for the very first time.  So these tips are more important than ever — in fact, I should probably print them out and keep them on my desk to refer to every few hours!

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