Another School Year, Another New Schedule

Phew, are my fingers tired! I just finished sending 60+ emails regarding my fall studio schedule, which goes into effect in less than two weeks.

My summer schedule taught me a LOT about what I can and should handle on a weekly basis. I learned that 15 back-to-back lessons and or music therapy sessions are hard on not only my body, but also my brain. Breaks are a good thing! I also learned that I need to schedule in planning and administrative time, because otherwise my days stretch too far into the night for my (and my husband’s) liking.

I took these valuable lessons into account as I structured my schedule for the fall. I’m actually thrilled with how it turned out, and it seems as though my students and their parents are, too. I have already received quite a few emails positively confirming the new schedule! There will inevitably be conflicts as well, but I’ll deal with them as they come up.

How do you go about scheduling a new session? We’ll be discussing this topic on an upcoming episode of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, so please share your ideas and inputs in the comments below.

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