{August 2021} Session Plan | Listen & Learn Music

Yesterday after one of my music groups, several of the moms were lamenting that their children go back to school in less than 4 weeks. 4 weeks?! How is it possible that it’s time to start thinking about the end of summer already?!

As much as I love this season, there are some perks to the school year. For one, I will save a LOT of the gas money I’m currently spending to drive my kids here, there and everywhere for their summer sports and activities :) I’m also looking forward to regaining somewhat of a normal work schedule during the day.

I tried to keep the spirit of summer going strong in next month’s session plan, while also addressing the transition back to school.

Throughout the month of August, I’m incorporating the stretchy band, ocean drum, and opportunities for strumming the guitar. Targeted domains include activities of daily living, seasonal transition, social skills and much more.

The August session plan includes 10 goal-based songs (mp3, instrumental track, lyrics/chords) along with a facilitation guide for each song, which will allow you to implement a cohesive 30-45 minute music experience. Grab it for yourself for just $10.

Monthly Session Plan from Listen & Learn Music


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