{10 Years of L&L} Year 3: 2010

L&L Turns 10 - Year 3 | Listen & Learn Music

I was enthusiastic about Listen & Learn Music from day one, but in Year 3, I took things to the next level. I decided to post EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year, and as crazy as that might have sounded, I actually did it.


{10 Years of L&L} Year 2: 2009

L&L Turns 10 - Year 2 | Listen & Learn Music

2009 brought a lot of changes in my personal and professional life. My husband and I bought a new house, got a puppy, and I transitioned my private practice from being in my clients’ homes to having my own home studio, all while continuing to work at my full-time music therapist job at The Hope Institute.


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