{Flash Five} Emotions | Listen & Learn Music

Last week as I was updating my song catalog, I started thinking about ways I could make more of my songs easily accessible without the commitment of joining Listen & Learn Plus or subscribing to my monthly session plans.

While they can be purchased individually, those $3 downloads (which include the mp3, instrumental track, and lyrics/chords) can start to add up. That’s especially true right now, since the pandemic has limited so much of the work we can do — and for many, that means more limited income.

Enter FLASH FIVE, which kicks off today. I chose 5 original songs centered around one topic, put together a bundle of the mp3s, instrumental tracks, and lyrics/chords, and priced it at just $5…for 48 hours only. That’s the “flash” part :) For this inaugural volume, the theme is EMOTIONS.

So now through Saturday morning, you can download this bundle of songs for $5 and start using them right away. The bundle includes objectives for all 5 songs in addition to all of the materials listed above. I’ll be creating new FLASH FIVE collections pretty regularly, and my hope is that in this way, I can help lots of people expand their musical toolboxes quickly and inexpensively.

Click here to learn more about the collection and grab it for yourself before the $5 price expires. And if there are specific topics, themes, instruments, or other categories you’d like to see targeted in a future FLASH FIVE bundle, let me know!

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