Best Going-Away Gifts Ever

Never in my professional life have I felt more loved and appreciated than this week.  I knew going into my last week of music therapy sessions with my students (most of whom I’ve had for the past 4 years) that it would be tough, but they’ve made it even tougher by showering me with well wishes and beautiful going-away gifts.

Yesterday at our spring singalong, students presented me with flowers, cards, and a beautiful picture made by our art specialist at The Hope Institute.  It is now hanging in my new studio waiting room, and will serve as a reminder of my time at Hope every single day.

This morning, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting through the last music therapy session with one of my favorite classes (though of course I love them all) without crying, and then gave me the wind chime they made for me, pictured above.  It says “Jeni’s Class, May 2011” and “Hope” at the bottom.

And how coincidental is this? Right near where I’ve hung my new picture in my waiting room, there is a hook in the ceiling left by the previous owner.  I was planning to hang a plant there, but now I have a beautiful wind chime instead — which color coordinates perfectly with the picture!

This afternoon is graduation, which is pretty fitting for my last day of classes considering singing at the 2007 graduation ceremony was the first thing I ever did at Hope.  I’m looking forward to doing so one last time…hopefully without tears (but I make no promises).

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