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“We did it…you can, too!” That was the tagline for our session, Building an Online Presence, which we presented this morning at 7:30 am. And to our happy surprise, we had a room full of people who were so interested in learning from us that they braved the ridiculously early start time!

Kimberly, Michelle and I (known collectively as the Music Therapy Round Table) chose to take a very informal route when it came to planning our presentation. We wanted to make sure we were answering participants’ questions, so the first thing we did was ask what they wanted to get out of our session. We touched on those topics as we shared our own experiences, and then had a bit of a Q&A towards the end of the session.

We didn’t prepare official handouts or a PowerPoint presentation, but I will take this opportunity to re-share a handout I put together for last year’s conference. Here are my favorite online resources and social media tips:

Download: Building An Online Presence

I do have a PowerPoint presentation prepared for Sunday’s session, entitled The DIY Approach to Recording & Sharing Your Music. I’m flying solo on that one — come back tomorrow for more info! Happy Friday!

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