Closed for Summer Break

If you need me in the next two weeks, it’s pretty safe to say that you can find me in one of my favorite spots: lounging right next to the pool. With my busy schedule in the studio, I haven’t had much time for fun in the sun…so I’m planning to make up for it during my end-of-summer vacation.

But that’s not all I will be doing in the weeks leading up to the fall session. There will still be blog posts to write, songs to record, gigs to play, and plans to make for upcoming classes and music therapy sessions.

I’m kicking off my little vacation with an exciting event — singing with a full band for the first time tonight! And luckily I’m used to running on little sleep, because early tomorrow morning I’m heading up to Chicago for a wedding and to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband.

I absolutely love teaching lessons and providing music therapy in the summertime, but I always look forward to these two weeks off afterward. I have found that it’s the perfect amount of time needed to unwind and get reinvigorated for the new school year. Are you taking any time off before the hustle and bustle of fall begins?

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