Church Mice

Three times a year, I spend the good part of a week preparing for my early childhood music class, Church Mice. The winter session begins on Sunday, so I’ve been busy this week writing and recording several new songs, burning CDs, and sending out reminders.

I’ve been leading this class for the last 6 years, and it is one of my very favorite parts of my job. Working with little kids (ages 0-4) is so much fun…there is never a dull moment in these 45-minute classes. We play instruments, read stories, and of course, do lots of singing and dancing.

It’s always interesting to watch the interaction between the little ones and the older students — many of those older students started attending when they were just babies and toddlers themselves! This will be the first session since finding out I’m pregnant, so I’m sure I’ll be imagining my own child and husband sitting in the circle with the other kids and their parents :)

There are lots of early childhood music classes in my town, and while I’m a fan of the more structured curricula like Kindermusik and Music Together, I love having the freedom of planning my own classes and using my own songs and activities for Church Mice. I will probably still be teaching this class when I am old and gray…ha!

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