Spring Break

After two back-to-back vacations this month (first Scottsdale, then Las Vegas), I’m spending my actual spring break at home.  Because even though there’s no school, I will continue to see my private practice students as usual.

So my afternoons and evenings are booked, but there are some things I have planned for my free days.  I’ll let you know on Friday just how many of these items I was able to check off the list :)

  • Choose furniture for my new studio’s waiting room. Time’s a-ticking as my move-in date gets closer, and it would be nice for my students and their families to have a place to sit while they wait.
  • Give a talk to a college class on the topic of personal branding. I’m doing this on Wednesday, so I should probably get to work on an outline!
  • Record a couple of “Sunday Singalong” videos in advance. I always end up rushing to get my videos recorded, edited, uploaded and posted after church on Sunday mornings, so it would be nice to work ahead while I have the free time.
  • Refinish the bookcase I’m going to put in my new studio.  I’ve had it forever, and while it’s nice and sturdy, it desperately needs a new coat of paint.
  • Write my maid of honor speech for my best friend’s wedding. This is not something I want to leave for the last minute, and the wedding will be here very soon.  It shouldn’t be too tough, but I’ll feel better when it’s finished.
  • Reorganize my basement storage space.  I’m definitely not looking forward to it, but this task needs to be done.  Ugh.
  • Write some new songs.  I’m way behind on this one.  Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have some new tunes to share with you.
  • Start planning music therapy sessions for May. How is it almost the last month of the school year?  Seriously, time is flying.

While my spring break plans may not sound too exciting — the real fun was had this past weekend in Vegas! — it will feel great to have all of these things done at the end of the week.  Do you get a spring break?  And if so, how did/will you spend yours?

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