How to Prep for Summer

The above image is — believe it or not — an accurate representation of my attitude as summer approaches. I have an intense love for this season, and it brings out my inner child (much to the approval of my own children!).

My inner child has never been one for long research and planning sessions, which always used to present a challenge when it came time to prepare for my summertime music therapy clients, groups, and classes. I always felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants in those settings because I was too busy enjoying the season to gather resources and plan properly.

Thankfully, that is no longer an issue since I have created such a big library of songs and materials. Between those existing resources and the ones I continue to create each month, I have plenty of material to choose from throughout the summer without spending tons of time planning.

I want these materials to come in handy for YOU this summer, which is why I’m bringing back the Essential Listen & Learn Collection this week.

The Essential Listen & Learn Music Collection

I created the Essential Listen & Learn Collection last summer as the quintessential L&L resource round-up: one that you can use throughout the entire year in your music therapy sessions, groups, classrooms, early childhood classes, or anywhere else you help children learn and grow through music.

The collection includes the mp3s, instrumental tracks, and lyrics/chords for 44 of my most popular songs. And this week, I’m sweetening the pot by including my Summer Song Pack at no extra cost.

So in total, that’s over 50 songs…$82 worth of music resources…all for just $34. This deal is pretty ridiculous, which is why I only offer it for one week out of the entire year.

Essential Listen & Learn Music Collection + Summer Song Pack

Now through Tuesday, May 22, you can get the Essential Collection and the Summer Song Pack and have it made in the shade when it comes to session, group, class, and summer camp planning. All the details are right here.

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