Parker in the Bumbleride Indie

I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately, not only with everything we have going on now, but with all the things happening in the next month or so. I’ve been up past midnight every night for as long as I can remember, trying to catch up on work stuff, and this is the first morning I’ve woken up feeling like I am almost there.

There are 6 days of work left before I take off the month of June — during which time we have my birthday, Parker’s first birthday and party, my first solo trip since he was born, a baby shower to host, a class to plan, two gigs to play, Zach’s 10-day trip to Brazil for the World Cup, and family vacation in Denver. Holy moly.

But this post is called “Lately” so I’ll stop stressing about the future and get back to the present. Parker has continued to grow and change into a little boy in front of our eyes, which is simultaneously awesome and heartbreaking. It seems like every single one of my friends has a new baby, and seeing their photos on Facebook is a further reminder that my baby is so big now.

Parker Eating

Eating. I have a feeling this is always going to be a bit of a stressful topic for us. Parker is much more open to trying new foods than he was before, but he still doesn’t eat a whole lot. I feel like I pick up way more food off the floor and his high chair than actually makes it into his mouth. He loves cheese, yogurt, crackers, bananas (apparently; he eats them at my in-laws’ house but never with me), Gerber yogurt bites, and to our delight, whole cow’s milk.

Parker Weaning

Weaning. Speaking of milk, the transition is going well so far! He is taking his bottle of cow’s milk like a champ, and I am thoroughly enjoying not pumping anymore. I will say that dropping my before-bed session has made for some uncomfortable mornings, but I’m hoping my body adjusts soon. I’m planning to replace another daytime feeding this week and make this shift as gradual as possible, but I really would like to be all done breastfeeding by Parker’s first birthday. If circumstances were different and I wasn’t traveling solo less than a week after, I think I would be okay with going longer…BUT me not being here for a few days will make it easier on both of us (I hope).

Parker Teething

Teething. Parker was late to this party, getting his bottom two teeth at around 9.5 months. Now he has three top teeth poking through, and it looks like a 4th is on its way. I’m so grateful that the teething symptoms have all but disappeared; they haven’t been nearly as bad as with the first two teeth. Just a short-lived diaper rash and some clinginess/crankiness, which I’ll take any day over FULL WEEKS of awful sleep.

Parker Sleeping

Sleeping. And on that note, Parker has become a pretty great sleeper. Who would have thought, considering up until 9 months he rarely slept through the night!? He goes to bed between 7:30-8 every night, and will usually sleep until 6 or 7 without waking up. He is also napping better, though the only time he goes down without any struggle at all is right after swim lessons. All the pool time this summer will be wonderful for his sleeping habits! I’ve been singing “Twinkle Twinkle” as I put him down, and then he’ll cry for maybe 5 minutes tops before passing out. I can usually fit in a shower, getting ready, and maybe doing a thing or two around the house before he wakes up. This compared to no naps at all (unless they were on me) just a couple months ago.

Parker on the Move

Overall, Parker is a happy boy who is ALWAYS on the move. He walks/runs everywhere, and is pretty steady except for when he is super tired. Then he starts stumbling around like he’s had a few too many, and we know it’s time for bed. Parker is also much more comfortable in the water, thanks to his first session of swimming lessons. We are going to LIVE in the pool this summer, starting this weekend!

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