L&L Plus: Enrollment is Open

Way back at the beginning of March (when people were still traveling for fun), I spent an entire airplane ride home planning a big launch for the reopening of my membership, Listen & Learn Plus. It involved an extensive email series, a new course, bonuses…the works. I hadn’t done a launch like this since I released my book, so I was PUMPED.

The official launch announcement was scheduled for March 13. That was also the day my children’s school, my business, and most of the country, shut down due to COVID-19.

Obviously, there was no way I could move forward with launching a membership designed for music therapists and educators, most of whom were now losing business, their job as they knew it, and a significant amount of income. I knew first-hand what they were going through, because I was experiencing all of the above.

So I scrapped the launch plan altogether, and didn’t give it a second thought once I got wrapped up in helping my children with remote learning, triaging my private practice, and pivoting to virtual services. But an interesting thing started to happen: all of the sudden, I was receiving inquiries from people who were interested in joining Listen & Learn Plus.

Most were music therapists or educators who needed resources to use in their virtual sessions and livestream classes, and since I had given the green light for ALL my resources to be used in this way (that is still the case), the membership was a cost-effective option. The inquiries continued steadily over the next few months, and I continued to allow people to enroll upon request.

This past weekend, I went ahead and made the enrollment page live. It’s the start of a new school year, people are gearing up for a new season of classes (whether in-person or virtually), and the need for fresh repertoire is real. And as much as I would love to go through with that big launch I planned half a year ago, it still doesn’t feel right.

So instead, I’m letting you know here. The membership includes 24/7 access to my entire collection of original and adapted songs (I’m up to almost 400!), monthly session plans, facilitation guides, searchable song catalog, and all the other resources I’ve created for members over the last 11 years. And starting this fall, Listen & Learn Plus members will receive access to ALL of my livestream classes.

The cost of membership is $27/month, or you can save $77 by enrolling in the $247 yearly plan. All of the details about the membership, and active enrollment links, are right here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email, rachel@listenlearnmusic.com. I would love to welcome you to Listen & Learn Plus if it is a good fit for you right now, or anytime in the next few months.

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