So far, 2017 has been the year of visiting preschool and elementary classrooms. I’ve already been to two schools in the last month or so, with another two scheduled this week and next. Sharing my music with kids is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so I’m pretty okay with this trend.

It’s these visits that make me most appreciate alllllll the songs I have to choose from, because I see many of these kids every year (and sometimes even more — quite a few of them attend our early childhood and preschool music classes). I like to keep things fresh by changing up the songs I sing for their sake and mine.

I love being able to help other music therapists, teachers and even parents keep their rotation of songs fresh through my Listen & Learn Plus membership. This is where I share all of the songs I’ve written, as well as materials I’ve created like visual aides, templates, and business resources.

Maybe you’re already a member (and if so, YAY!) or maybe you’ve already take the free inside look that I offer here. But if you haven’t yet, and having over 200 songs at your fingertips is something that might come in handy, then I hope you’ll check out my sneak peek of Listen & Learn Plus — which also includes several free downloads.

Click here for a free inside look.
I just added ton of songs last weekend, and I’m constantly adding new songs throughout the year as I add them. I would love to share them with you, so please check out the membership to see if it’s something that would serve you well.

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