Last Thursday while I was on vacation, my husband got an email from our contractor letting us know that our studio renovation was…FINISHED!

In a span of three weeks, two unused bedrooms in a neglected area of our home were transformed into a beautiful studio with its very own entrance.  Here are some pictures (click for a larger view) of the still-empty new space:

New studio entrance

Here’s the new door leading into the waiting room.  I need to repaint the wall that surrounds it, which is on my to-do list for spring break next week.

Studio entrance

On the flip side, here’s the door that separates the studio from the rest of my house.  This is right next to the kitchen — so convenient!

New studio

This is a view of both rooms from the door pictured above.  To the left is the waiting room, and to the right will be the actual studio and office.  The door in the middle is a closet.

Studio waiting room

The floor of the waiting room is the same flooring we already had in our kitchen and hallway.  It was a more expensive option than carpeting, but worth every penny…it’s much easier to clean.

Studio waiting room

Here’s another view, in which you can see the entrance.  I like that the door is set back from the rest of the room, so that it’s not glaringly obvious.

Studio waiting room

One last picture of the waiting room, looking into the hallway.  The new floor makes the room look so much bigger than it did before!

Studio and home office

Here is my studio and home office.  I’m so bummed that you can’t tell the actual color of the carpet from these pictures: it’s a pale green that perfectly complements the yellow walls.  I told my husband when I picked it out that I wanted the walls to look like sunshine, and the carpet to look like I just need a blue ceiling for the sky :)

Studio and home office

This closet is just waiting to be filled up with all of the stuff that is currently sitting out in the open in my old studio.  I love that I can hide all of my office-y things in there.

Studio and home office

One last view of the studio/office.  It’s nice that there are two windows in this room, but I’m sure going to miss the huge bay windows that I have right now.  But in the scheme of things, it’s just one small sacrifice amongst many positive changes.

I’ll be spending spring break shopping for new furniture and decorations, making over some pieces I already have, and slowly moving things in.  But the new studio won’t officially open until my summer session, which begins in mid June.

Is it weird that I keep wandering around the empty rooms, taking it all in?  It’s just hard to believe that after these long months of planning, the new studio is a reality!

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