Hi everyone! My name is Emma Kovachevich and I am so excited to start writing here at Listen & Learn Music each week.

I have enjoyed using the Listen & Learn material in my music therapy sessions as well as leading Listen & Learn classes at Music Therapy Connections. It is wonderful to see people of all ages benefit and learn from these Rachel Rambach originals and adaptations.

Some of you may be thinking, “Who are you?” Well, here’s a little more information about me.

I received a degree in music therapy from Western Illinois University. I very recently completed my music therapy internship with Rachel Rambach and Katey Kamerad at Music Therapy Connections, LLC. I am so thankful for the experiences I have gained so far and the opportunities that lie ahead!

Now, here are some fun facts that you maybe don’t need to know, but are fun to share:

  • I’m from a western suburb of Chicago.
  • My family has two dogs, both white and fluffy Maltese.
  • I greatly dislike winter and the cold (I know, it’s rough living in Illinois).
  • I’ve been singing for pretty much my whole life and also dabbled in oboe for a few years.
  • Throughout my music therapy coursework, guitar and piano also become interests of mine.

The Listen & Learn material has been the core curriculum for many of my session plans in school settings, one-to-ones, and early childhood education. I have also used Listen & Learn songs in older adult and hospice care settings. This music can be used in so many ways, and is a wonderful tool and resource to have. 

I am so looking forward to sharing each week about music, music therapy, and how I’m putting Listen & Learn resources to work. I also hope to hear how you are using this material in your everyday life!

So, tell us in the comments: in which settings and in which ways do you use Listen & Learn materials?

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