Movement Props in Practice

When my business partner Katey and I sat down to plan our next continuing music therapy education course, the topic was a no-brainer. We chose to focus on the items in our toolbox that we use every single day across the board, from our baby classes to our individual music therapy clients to our older adult groups.

Movement props — namely, balloon balls, bean bags, scarves, stretchy bands, and wrist jingle bells — have all been instrumental in helping our students and clients achieve their goals.

Using these props, we target coordination, following directions, social interaction, impulse control, crossing the midline, directional awareness, gross and fine motor movement, color identification, critical listening…and so much more!

Movement Props in Practice

Movement Props in Practice introduces a goal-based collection of songs we wrote specifically for movement props. Not only do you receive the mp3, instrumental track, and lyrics/chords for all 10 songs, but you also get complete facilitation guides (objectives, procedure list, and adaptations) for them as well.

The best part: you get to see exactly how we put each song to use in videos recorded during classes and sessions. We also provide lyric videos to help you learn each song, along with application videos to talk you through using and adapting the songs and props in your own practice.

Movement Props in Practice

This online self-paced course is approved by CBMT for 3 CMTE credits, though you don’t have to be a music therapist to take it. We think you’ll benefit from Movement Props in Practice no matter how you use music to help children learn, grow and thrive.


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