New L&L Songs in January

I was back into the swing of classes, music therapy and lessons just 2 days into 2017, so of course I needed to bring some new songs with me. And although I have gotten away from blogging about each new song as I write and post them in the store, I am going to make a better effort — in the spirit of my word for this year — to SHARE my songs with you more regularly.

I usually write a song for each specific year, and I still plan to write one for 2017 soon. But in the meantime, “Welcome to the New Year” is a good substitute. This greeting song has been the perfect way to begin our classes during this first session of the new year, and I will most likely get lots of use out of it every January to come.

Winter seems to last forever around here, so it’s no wonder that I’ve written so many songs about the cold weather.“Bundle Up, Baby” is one of them, and it has quickly become my current favorite original. I wrote it for use with scarves, and we’ve been having fun getting creative with it in my classes.

This song targets body part identification, following directions, and I also incorporate movement when I use this song with my students and music therapy clients. While I have used only movement prop scarves so far, it would also be fun to have children use their own scarves — or even adapt the song to include other cold weather accessories.

Both of these songs are available for purchase and immediate download in the Listen & Learn store, and if you’re a member of Listen & Learn Plus, then you already have access to them. I’m really excited about all the songs I have up my sleeve this year, and look forward to passing them along to you!

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