Nurturing a Creative Burst

It’s happened to you before: all of the sudden, you feel the urge to create.  Whether it’s a blog post, a song, a piece of art, or otherwise, the creative juices have hit you full force.  So how do you keep the momentum going until you have a finished product to share with the world?

I experienced a creative burst just last week.  I was planning a new session of the early childhood music class I lead at my church, when for some reason it seemed like a good idea to write 9 new songs for it.  No matter that it was five days away, and I was busy enough as it was.

The single most important step I took to maximize that burst of creativity was to write down my end goal immediately. That way, even when the jolt of inspiration started to wane, I’d have a plan in front of me.

So even though the songs weren’t written yet, I came up with titles and included them in the song packet I was putting together.  Then I wrote the lyrics to the songs, which were included in the packet as well.  Then I made copies of those packets, so that there was no going back.  I was fully committed to writing those 9 new songs, whether I liked it or not!

Luckily, I was still feeling inspired when it came time to sit down and write the melodies and chords the next day.  And the next day, when I spent hours recording instrumental tracks; and even at 11 pm that night, as I finished up recording vocals.  Sure, I wasn’t as fired up at that point as I’d originally been, but I was looking forward to burning those completed CDs and experiencing that feeling of pride over my accomplishment.

And that’s the difference between letting a dose of inspiration take you where the wind blows and using it to map out a course of action.  Because I took the time to do that first thing, I ended up with 9 new songs (which were a hit, by the way) for my class as well as 9 potential new blog post topics.  Long live the creative burst!

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