And what a summer it was. The year 2020 has been anything but normal, and that applies to my favorite season, as well. Between having my kids home with me 24/7, not traveling at all, and only providing services virtually, it was a…unique experience.

That said, we did all we could to make the best of it. Things like swimming as much as we could (my daughter learned how to swim without floaties this summer!), grilling out several nights each week, spending time with our neighbors, trying new art projects, and taking long bike rides helped keep us busy and for the most part, happy.

And even though it wasn’t my ideal summer, it was still bittersweet to (unofficially) say goodbye to it as Labor Day weekend ended. The weather has already cooled way down and my kids are planning their Halloween costumes; there is no mistaking that fall is upon us.

Musically, I’m already firmly planted in autumn, since I’ve been working on the October session plan that will come out next week. That included recording several fall-themed songs, one of which I’ll share here with you today. It’s called “Fall Into Fall”, and you can hear it for yourself below:

Fall into fall
The most colorful season of all
Orange and gold, red, yellow, and brown
Leaves are swirling all around

September, October, November, fall is here
At the end of December
We know winter is near


Football, and pumpkins, and hayrack rides abound
Most of the leaves that were once on trees
Are now upon the ground


The air is getting colder, the wind is getting strong
The days are getting shorter
But we keep on singing this song


Click here to download the mp3, instrumental track, and lyrics/chords.

In addition to expanding my fall repertoire, I’ve also been doing some updating here at Listen & Learn Music. I spent most of this week going through almost 2,000 posts (!), deleting those that are outdated and freshening up others as needed. Looking back at 11 years of work has inspired me to be more consistent in sharing here, something that I have definitely fallen behind on since COVID-19 hit.

I would love to know what YOU would like to see: more videos, tutorials, new courses? You’re always welcome to leave a comment or send me an email. I want to continue providing valuable resources to you, especially now that I have a bit more time and bandwidth to do so. Thanks as always for reading, and I hope your unofficial fall (because it doesn’t *really* start until September 22) is going well!

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