{September 2018} Session Plan Cover

The back to school season is underway…are you as swept up in the craziness as I am? Not only am I getting ready to send my son to kindergarten next week, but I’m also in the midst of preparing for new groups, classes, and music therapy sessions.

I’ll be using my September session plan in many of those settings, and I hope you can put it to good use as well!

This month, I’m incorporating drums, scarves, and bells/tambourines along with plenty of opportunities for improving social skills, fine and gross motor movement, verbalization, and much more.

Members of Listen & Learn Plus: you’ll find all session plans in the membership portal.

The September session plan includes 10 goal-based songs (mp3, instrumental track, lyrics/chords) along with a facilitation guide for each song, which will allow you to implement a cohesive 30-45 minute music experience. Grab it for yourself for just $10.

Monthly Session Plan from Listen & Learn Music

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