Sometimes Business Ownership is Dreamy

Most days, being a business owner is far from glamorous. The majority of my work is done from home, sitting at my desk in front of the computer, balanced out with a few hours of music therapy sessions, music classes, and meetings throughout the week.

I’m definitely not complaining; as an introvert, this was the ideal work life I envisioned for myself all those years ago when I became a full-time business owner. But every once in a while, I have those days away from my desk that remind me how rewarding and fun business ownership can be.

Today was one of those days.

My business partner Katey and I met at the office first thing in the morning, since we were awaiting the delivery of our new waiting room chairs. Once they arrived, we spent the next couple hours putting them together, rearranging the waiting room, and celebrating how beautiful it looks.

Sometimes Business Ownership is Dreamy

Next we headed to Chipotle, our go-to lunch spot, for burrito bowls and meeting planning. We had our actual meeting on the Starbucks patio, and got more accomplished in two hours than we have in several weeks. Not only did we make headway on some current projects, but we set some big goals for the next few months and created a game plan to accomplish them.

We talked about the evolution of Music Therapy Connections over the past two years since moving into our own building. How at this time last year, we were in a tricky place and facing some major hurdles. And how even after me stepping down from teaching in May, the month of June was no less profitable. As business owners, we focus so much on the challenges that we sometimes forget to acknowledge our victories. But we did acknowledge them today, and it felt amazing.

It was time to head back to the studio, where Katey organized our office while I did some administrative things. Some of our team members were there, so we chatted while we worked. And before Katey’s first student arrived, we recorded a quick Facebook video to share a song and promote our upcoming class session.

Sometimes Business Ownership is Dreamy

Before I went home for the the day, I got to see one of my former students and catch up with her mom. That, coupled with the buzzing waiting room and teachers greeting their students, made me a little nostalgic for teaching.

But as I walked through the full parking lot to my car, I reminded myself that this was why I started my business in the first place: so that eventually I would have the freedom to set my own hours and make time with my family a priority.

Not every day is this dreamy from start to finish, which is why I appreciate them so much when they do happen.

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