Yesterday, I introduced you to my music therapy intern, Karen.  Today I’m sharing one of the songs she adapted and has been using in her sessions this month.  I fell in love with it the first time I heard her sing it, and thought it would make for the perfect “Sunday Singalong” video this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Our students really enjoy singing this song and sharing their own happiness-inducing people, things and activities with Karen.  For our non-verbal students, Karen asks the teachers and staff to share some things that make those particular students happy — and there are lots of smiles when they do so!  It’s a nice way to wind down the session and leave on a positive note.

I’m particularly happy today, because I’ll be surrounded by music therapists and educators at a CMTE on Multicultural Music for Music Therapists, hosted by the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and the Illinois Association for Music Therapy.  It’s an event I’ve been planning for months now, and to finally experience it is a treat.

What are your favorite “happiness” songs?  I’d love to compile a list to share, not to mention have it on hand to pull from when I’m in need of some new tunes.  Post yours in the comments!

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