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This month marks the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of monthly session plans here at Listen & Learn Music! Time has flown by since I released my very first session plan last August, and now here we are on lucky #13!

I have to say, creating these plans has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made both for me personally and for YOU, based on the feedback I’ve received. I love that they are being put to use in so many ways and in so many different settings.

Each month when I sit down to create the next session plan, I get to revisit my collection of 300+ songs. Not only do I rediscover tunes I had completely forgotten about, but I also get to figure out what topics are missing and write new songs to fill those gaps.

And now, with the new school year just weeks away, I hope you’ll find the August 2019 session plan incredibly useful as you prepare. Just putting it together and covering some of those back-to-school subjects has me super excited!

For the month of August, I’m incorporating shakers and the gathering drum, along with plenty of opportunities for addressing articulation skills, social interaction, gross motor movement, directional awareness, counting, emotions, and more.

The August session plan includes 10 goal-based songs (mp3, instrumental track, lyrics/chords) along with a facilitation guide for each song, which will allow you to implement a cohesive 30-45 minute music experience. Grab it for yourself for just $10.

Monthly Session Plan from Listen & Learn Music

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