January 2020 Session Plan | Listen & Learn Music

I have to admit, it felt really strange typing “2020” on next month’s session plan. Even though the new year is mere weeks away, it feels like 2019 just started. But I always look forward to the fresh start and clean slate that January 1 brings, and of course, it also means a fresh session plan for you!

I’m excited about next month’s roundup of songs, especially that I was able to work in a song all about counting to 20 in honor of the new year. (In full disclosure: that was a total coincidence, and I didn’t even make the connection until I was looking over the finished list of songs…ha!)

For the month of January, I’m incorporating drums, shakers, bean bags, and plenty of opportunities for addressing seasonal awareness, counting, turn-taking, discrimination of right and left, crossing the midline, and much more.

The January session plan includes 10 goal-based songs (mp3, instrumental track, lyrics/chords) along with a facilitation guide for each song, which will allow you to implement a cohesive 30-45 minute music experience. Grab it for yourself for just $10.

Monthly Session Plan from Listen & Learn Music

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