My favorite month of the year is coming up soon! Not only is June my birthday month, but it’s also when summer (my favorite season) begins. There’s so much to look forward to over the next few weeks, including this round-up of songs I put together.

Of course, June also means the end of the school year, along with the beginning of many summer sessions, camps, and other transitions. I hope this session plan can serve as a useful tool in navigating this season of change!

For the month of June, I’m incorporating tambourines, balloon ball, and fruit shakers, along with plenty of opportunities for addressing group cohesiveness, gross and fine motor movement, counting, 1:1 correspondence, creative expression, decision-making, and more. This month, there’s also a special emphasis on sharing and taking turns.

The June session plan includes 10 goal-based songs (mp3, instrumental track, lyrics/chords) along with a facilitation guide for each song, which will allow you to implement a cohesive 30-45 minute music experience. Grab it for yourself for just $10.

Monthly Session Plan from Listen & Learn Music

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