Total Request Live

Although this MTV show went off the air a few years ago, we’re bringing it back at The Hope Institute tomorrow.  Of course, Carson Daly won’t be there to host it, and I’m no Jennifer Lopez, but we’ve got our own version planned.

Yesterday, I went to one of my classrooms to inform the staff that I still couldn’t sing.  Luckily, they were willing to move their music therapy session to Friday…on one condition: that they — along with the students — get to choose the songs.

Everyone here has his or her favorite songs from music therapy sessions of yore.  Occasionally, I’ll take requests at the end of a session, granted that I still remember the chords and lyrics.  But the staff of that particular classroom has dubbed tomorrow’s session as Total Request Live because it will be made up completely of requests.

I make it very clear to everyone that I’m not here to “perform” for my students.  All of my sessions are carefully planned to target the skills and objectives on which their classroom lessons are based, so there is a reason for each song I choose to include.  So even though the class will be choosing the songs tomorrow, they were originally hand-picked by me for a reason and still offer therapeutic value to my students.  In fact, making choices is a goal in itself.

Have you hosted your own version of Total Request Live lately?

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