My Ultimate Resource List!


And while you’re here, I want to extend a special VIP invitation to join Listen & Learn Plus.

I’ve completely overhauled the membership experience by creating a portal with ALL of the materials organized in one place. Those include:

  • Quick links to the blog, courses (more on than in a sec), and all downloads
  • A list of all song categories, which are linked to the mp3 downloads
  • Sheet music, lead sheets, and instrumental tracks
  • Direct links to visual aides, business resources, and studio materials
  • Blog posts by category (songs, business, in practice, and resources)

I’ve also compiled almost 150 of my favorite websites, apps, books, podcasts and equipment/materials across 15 categories (including productivity, business development, mindset, finances, and more) into one ultimate source list. This includes a live Google Doc which I will continue to update for members.

The portal also features access to all of my CMTE courses, which are included in the price of yearly VIP membership.

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