This year, I did something smart: I didn’t pretend that I was going to be super productive during my two-week vacation. I’ve done it in the past — made lots of grandiose plans and committed myself to big projects — but yet it just never seems to pan out. I’m only human, and vacation was made for relaxation.

I haven’t been a total slouch over the break, though. In between lazy lunches with friends and afternoons at the pool, I’ve also managed to keep up my daily blogging schedule, write a few new songs, sing at several gigs, and create my fall studio schedule (which involved lots and lots of emailing).

Nevertheless, I still have a long way to go before I’m ready to welcome my students back on Monday. There’s reorganizing to do, session plans to create, and more…but all of that can wait until the weekend :) Until then, I am going to maximize my last official days of vacation WITHOUT feeling guilty!

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