The months of the year have their own place in the calendar segment of my classroom music therapy sessions.  It’s always fun to begin a new month and replace the outgoing song with a fresh one…especially once spring is near!  But we’re not quite there yet, and luckily the January song is one of my favorites.

Since this is the 4th year I’ve worked with many of my students, a number of them will be able to sing along with the January song the very first time around.  Although it’s nice to have a few familiar tunes in the mix, I like to introduce quite few new songs and interventions in my monthly music therapy session plans, too.  This keeps our work challenging (not to mention keeping me on my toes, memorizing lots of new lyrics and processes).

Tomorrow is the first day back to school, so I have plenty of work to do in order to be 100% ready for my students.  Happy January!

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