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Year 5 of Listen & Learn Music got off to an exciting start: I found out I was pregnant! This amazing news fueled me to do big things over the next few months, knowing that I would be taking a 3-month maternity leave in the summer.

I spent the early part of that year creating a CMTE course for Music Therapy Ed all about songwriting and recording. My private practice was still going stronger than ever, so my days were long and I was TIRED.

Between exhaustion and morning sickness, I wasn’t able to keep up the same pace with L&L that I’d had the previous year, but I did my best to continue writing songs and blog posts on a regular basis. My big project was a song collection called “Tapping, Shaking, Music Making” — instrument songs for music therapy — that I planned to release before the baby was born.

My other big work-related project was creating a new early childhood music program called Listen & Learn for Little Ones. I’d been teaching early childhood music classes at my church for several years, but also wanted to offer my own classes in the mornings as an additional source of income (especially since my maternity leave would be unpaid…one of the downsides of being self-employed).

Spring was a whirlwind: I taught my first session of classes in March, released my song collection in May, and had my baby in June. It felt so good to take time off to be with Parker and focus on motherhood for the next 3 months, while occasionally writing blog posts when I felt inspired.

My 2012 Gift to You

YOU are the reason that Listen & Learn Music is still alive and well today, and YOU are the reason I’ll be celebrating another 10 years in 2028. Every email and comment I receive detailing how a song was brought to life in a classroom or music therapy session, and how it helped a child to learn a new skill, provides the motivation to make this an even more valuable resource for you.

To properly thank you for your support, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite resources with you from the L&L collection each day in yearly chronological order, all the way through September 10.

I was so proud of Tapping, Shaking, Music Making when I released it (while 9 months pregnant, no less!), and still use almost all of the songs regularly in my practice. Today’s gift is two of my favorite songs from that collection: “The Lollipop Bop” and “Tap Your Rhythm Sticks”, including mp3, instrumental track, facilitation guide, and lyrics/chords.

Tapping, Shaking, Music Making | Listen & Learn Music

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Our Biggest Giveaway Ever

On September 10, one extremely lucky winner will receive a LIFETIME VIP MEMBERSHIP to Listen & Learn Plus, including all current and future CMTE courses.

Lifetime Membership Giveaway! | Listen & Learn Plus

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