I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but it’s true: this Friday Fave is devoted to yet another piece of Apple technology.  Again, let me remind you that I am in no way compensated for my frequent Apple/Mac related posts; I just really, really love their products :)

iMovie is a part of the iLife package that comes with every Mac, and I recently upgraded to iLife ’09.  Up until then, I had used only the most basic features of iMovie to create the occasional YouTube video, but I have since discovered many more of the cool things this program can do.  Experimenting with music tracks, still photos, transitions and titles has been way too much fun….it can almost get a little addictive!

I spent some time this week creating a video about my songbook, incorporating many of those aforementioned iMovie features.  It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m still learning. Take a look:

What do you think? I had a blast making this video, from taking the photos, to recording the music, to even the tedious editing process. Now I just have to come up with excuses to create more like it…any ideas?