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You’re in the right place. I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be, constantly searching for and creating new music materials for your work with children. When I became a board-certified music therapist in 2007, I felt completely lost as I got started planning my sessions and classes.

That’s why I started writing my own music therapy songs — my other options were extremely limited. I began sharing them in the hopes that it would help other people like me, and that’s how Listen & Learn Music came to be.

More about Listen & Learn Music, a collection of music therapy songs and early childhood music resources by board-certified music therapist Rachel Rambach.
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Over the last ten years, I’ve written and shared over 200 songs. My music has been used in early childhood settings, music therapy sessions, classrooms, and homes all over the world. As an actively practicing music therapist and early childhood music leader, I’m constantly writing new songs for my own students and clients, so it would be nearly impossible to run out of material to share here :)

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Infusing Music Therapy Sessions With Joy

As December goes on, we draw closer to the BIG DAY! The joy is visible on every little face in my music therapy sessions and music classes, and it is so contagious. Between the green Christmas trees, jolly Santa Claus, beautifully wrapped presents, and Christmas music, it’s impossible not to be filled with joy!

Below are several goal-oriented songs that discuss the people and things that bring us joy this time of year, and encourage our students and clients to share their joy with others.

Some of the goals addressed in these songs:

  • Improve understanding of the word/feeling “joy”
  • Increase creative expression
  • Improve object identification and color identification
  • Improve palmar grasp
  • Increase knowledge of the holidays
  • Increase verbalization skills
  • Improve ability to transition

“J-O-Y” is a catchy song that is a great jumping off point to explore what it means to feel joy. Not only does “J-O-Y” give students and clients an opportunity to spell joy, but the verses also explain what joy feels like and the kinds of things that can bring us joy.

J-O-Y | Listen & Learn Music

“J-O-Y” is an ideal song for brainstorming with clients and students about what brings them joy, and even write their own lyrics based on their ideas. Visual aides can be added to give students and clients an opportunity to spell joy or identify objects, and sign language can be used to target fine motor skills. “J-O-Y” can be adapted in endless ways to meet the needs of any client or student.

“Red and Green” are the colors of the holidays, and this song discusses many popular holiday objects that are either red or green. I pass out red or green chiquitas to each student or client, giving them a choice between the two, and challenge them to shake their chiquitas high in the air when they hear lyrics about their color.  

"Red and Green" | Listen & Learn Music

Sometimes I will pass out red and green chiquitas to each child and encourage them to listen extra carefully and only shake the chiquita that matches the lyrics, which is such a challenge and targets impulse control skills. Of course, visual aides or sign language can be paired with lyrics in place of chiquitas.

“Spread Some Cheer” is a great way to end a music therapy session or music class during the month of December. After focusing on joy and the holiday objects, “Spread Some Cheer” reminds every child to spread cheer to all of the people in their lives, as well as ways to spread cheer in their communities.

"Spread Some Cheer" | Listen & Learn Music

“Spread Some Cheer” is a traditional goodbye song with a holiday spin that is sure to bring a smile to every child, caregiver, and teacher who hears it!

These three songs will undoubtedly spark joy in your music therapy sessions or music classes. Each song focuses on a thematic topic while targeting important objectives, which is my favorite part about these goal-oriented songs!

Tell me in the comments: which songs fill your music therapy sessions and/or music classes with joy?

You can listen to all of these songs in their entirety right here. Lyrics, chords, mp3, and instrumental track for these original songs are available for download. As is the case for all Listen & Learn Music creations, we invite you to adapt this song as needed to best serve your students and/or clients.

The January Session Plan is Here!

{January 2019} Session Plan | Listen & Learn Music

I will be the first to admit that planning for after the holidays in the thick of December is NOT an easy task. As much as I would love to spend every spare minute curled up on my couch watching Christmas movies, I know that my future self will thank me for putting in the time now so that my January sessions and materials are ready to go when 2019 begins.

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{GGB 77} Our Favorite Accomplishments of 2018

Guitars & Granola Bars Podcast | Episode 77: Our Favorite Accomplishments of 2018

This is the final episode in our current season, during which I’ve been so lucky to have Jaime Lawrence as a co-host. I hope you’ve enjoyed her added perspective here on the podcast just as much as I have!

Since we’re making our way towards the end of 2018, Jaime and I thought it would be fun to share our favorite accomplishments of the year, both personally and professionally. This was such a fun episode to record, and it made me excited to think about all that I want to accomplish in 2019.

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Embracing & Managing Holiday Excitement

Embracing & Managing Holiday Excitement | Music Therapy | Listen & Learn Music

Around this time of year, the holiday decorations come out, everyone is filled with cheer, and our clients and students feel it! They’re excited for snow days, gifts, holiday traditions, and all the beautiful lights.

Sometimes, that can make for chaotic music therapy sessions or classes. It can be overwhelming to see this change in our clients and students, and we may need to modify our session plans to address their needs.

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The Music Therapy CEO Project

Music Therapy CEO Project

It’s been an eventful month at Music Therapy Connections! My co-owner Katey and I started a new season of the Creative Business Breakdown, went on our inaugural “boss vacation” to Clearwater Beach, and launched a brand new program for music therapy business owners. Whew…what a whirlwind!

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Incorporating Educational Skills into Thanksgiving Songs

Educational Thanksgiving Songs | Listen & Learn Music

There are quite a few Listen & Learn Music songs about Thanksgiving, and several of those Thanksgiving themed songs address educational skills. Talk about doing double duty: songs that are educational and holiday-themed? That’s what music therapists’ dreams are made of!

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Snow Day

Snow Day | Listen & Learn Music

Today was a first on several different levels. First of all, it was Parker’s first official snow day! And second, it was the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced a snow day…in November. Definitely didn’t see that coming!

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