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Uplevel Your Musical Toolkit | Listen & Learn Music

After spending the last couple of weeks looking back on the history of Listen & Learn Music during the “L&L Turns 10” celebration, I couldn’t end this party without a little talk about the future around here. We’re officially into Year 11, and it’s off to the best possible start.

The second half of 2018 has been a huge turning point for Listen & Learn Music. In June, I welcomed fellow board-certified music therapist Cacia King to the team, and she has brought such a wealth of knowledge and experience with her.

Thanks to Cacia’s hard work, I’ve been able to launch two brand-new additions to the L&L toolkit: facilitation guides and a comprehensive song directory. These were the two pieces I felt were missing from my membership, Listen & Learn Plus, and I know they are going to improve the user experience exponentially.

Giving > Selling

There’s nothing I love more than sharing my songs and resources with others who can put them to good use, and I wish I could continue to give them away every day as I have during the “L&L Turns 10” celebration. But since this is a big part of my livelihood, the free model doesn’t work on an everyday basis ;)

The selling part of this job is my least favorite, as I would much rather be spending my time creating. Listen & Learn Plus feels like a good compromise, because once inside, members receive value that I feel far exceeds the price of admission.

And that’s why I’m wrapping up the party with a membership drive: one last opportunity for new members to join me and gain access to the entire collection before I close the doors until 2019.

After Friday, my focus will be on writing/recording and sharing musical resources with my membership community. Of course, I’ll be posting new songs and content here on the blog, but I want to give away the farm to those who invest in themselves, their students and clients, and their profession by joining Listen & Learn Plus.

If you participated in the “L&L Turns 10” celebration, then you already know about the breadth of resources available to members. But to fully understand just how you (and in turn, your students and clients) can benefit from joining, I encourage you to take a closer look below.

Quick Facts

There are two membership options: Standard ($27/month) and VIP ($247/year). The main difference is the pricing structure AND the fact that VIP members have access to all current and future CMTE courses (currently a total of 18 CMTE credits valued at over $400).

After Friday, however, the VIP membership will no longer include CMTE course access; courses will only be available as additional purchases ($75 each).

As a Standard member, there is no minimum length of time required, though most members stay on for at least 18 months (and I even have a few who have been with me since I started Listen & Learn Plus back in 2009!).

All of the details are below.

And if you still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach me directly via email, rachel@listenlearnmusic.com. I’m so excited about what this year has in store at Listen & Learn Music, and I want you to be a part of it, too.

Welcome! I’m Rachel Rambach, board-certified music therapist and creator of Listen & Learn Music — educational songs and musical materials for children. I love sharing my work with you, along with my behind-the-scenes creative process, adventures in business ownership, and life as a mom of two little ones.

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Session Plans

Next month’s music therapy sessions, early childhood groups, or classroom music…planned for you in advance.

{September 2018} Session Plan Cover

Free Download

Click here for this free resource and song collection!

</br><center><h2>Hundreds of music resources for children at your fingertips.</h2></center>

Listen and Learn Plus! is a membership for music therapists, music educators, parents and anyone else who wants to give their clients, students & children a rich musical experience. Gain instant access to a vast collection of over 200 songs (mp3, lead sheet, and instrumental track), facilitation guides, session plans, and visual aides, plus ALL new releases from Listen & Learn Music.

What your membership has to offer:

Boost Your Creativity

You’ll also be inspired to create your own resources with Rachel’s tips, tricks and tutorials.

Business Guidance

Rachel shares her knowledge and 8+ years of experience in online business and private practice.

Access From Anywhere

Use the Dropbox app to play songs, view lead sheets & utilize visual aides from all your devices.

Professional Development

CMTE courses from Listen & Learn Music are included in the price of VIP membership.


Navigate Easily

The Listen & Learn Plus website is neatly organized by category and searchable, too.

Excellent Service

Looking for a specific song? A link not working correctly? Email Rachel directly for help.

The Newest Features

Watch the videos below to learn more about two new and exciting additions to the Listen & Learn Plus arsenal!

Join Listen & Learn Plus! today and instantly double, triple, or even quadruple your repertoire of educational, goal-based songs for children of all ages and abilities.

Instrument Songs Galore

Instrument play and exploration is key to most music therapy sessions, early childhood classes, and classroom music experiences. Rev up your repertoire of songs for just about every kid-friendly instrument imaginable with the full Listen & Learn Music collection.

Almost all songs include an mp3, lead sheet with lyrics & chords, and an instrumental track so that you can record your own version.

Goal-Based Songs

Almost all of the songs in the Listen & Learn Music collection are written to target specific goals and objectives. Address social, cognitive, motor, and communication skills with a variety of songs, many of which include accompanying visual aides.

Can’t find a song that addresses a certain goal you’re targeting? Ask Rachel: she’ll add it to her to-write list!

Monthly Session Plans

Each month, you’ll receive a complete session plan full of applications and adaptations you can use and tailor to your own students and clients.

These session plans can be used for music therapy, early childhood groups, classrooms, and anywhere else you use music to help children learn and grow. They address a variety of goal areas, utilize all kinds of instruments, and encourage creativity.

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What Our Members Are Saying

“I love being a member of Listen & Learn Plus! It’s especially great for weeks when my own creativity wanes but I still want to provide high quality musical experiences for my students. Having recordings along with chord charts & lead sheets makes the songs super easy to learn.

With the great variety of resources, I can always find something that will benefit my students in their overall development. I truly feel that being a member of Listen & Learn Plus! is essential for all music therapists and educators working with young children.”

Katie Mauer, MT-BC

“Having access to your amazing resources and materials through the site has kept my interventions fresh while saving me time and money.

Because I know your materials are high quality, Listen & Learn Plus! is one of the first places I look to get new intervention ideas.

My clients consistently respond to the songs and visuals I’ve acquired by being a member. This site has definitely helped me be a more successful and less stressed music therapist!”

Sarah Winkler, MT-BC

“I’m a pediatric occupational therapist, and I love Listen & Learn Plus. Children respond so well to the songs and their families love the songs too.

I’ve searched through the files on Listen & Learn Plus for specific situations and always been able to find a song to help. It’s been a great resource to increase the variety of my treatment plans.”

Robin Moore, MS, OTR/L

“Listen & Learn Plus has been great to get some new creative ideas, especially for clients that I have had for many years, where a fresh perspective is especially helpful.

Sometimes, if you have had a client for many years, seeing ideas from another therapist can be very insightful. You’ve done a wonderful job in creating your site!”

Kathleen Coleman, MT-BC

Don’t Wait…Join Now!

Gain instant and affordable access to THOUSANDS of dollars worth of songs, videos, tutorials, sheet music, and other music resources.

Save tons of valuable time and energy when planning sessions, music classes, activities, and choosing educational children’s music.

September 14 is the LAST DAY to become a member of Listen & Learn Plus during this enrollment period.
The next opportunity to join will not be until 2019.

After September 14, CMTE courses (there are currently 6 for a total 18 credits worth over $400) will NOT be included in VIP membership. They will only be available as additional purchases.

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