Early Childhood Programs: Create, Market, Make Music! | Online CMTE Course

Creating a new group, class or program can be overwhelming, but it can also be extremely rewarding — especially when the end result is helping young children learn and grow through music. This 3-hour CMTE course will guide you through the entire process of designing, launching, and running your own successful early childhood program.

I’ve been facilitating early childhood music programs since graduate school, before I was even a full-fledged music therapist. I’ve continued to do so all of these years, and it has been so exciting and fulfilling to see my programs continue to grow and touch the lives of many young children (and their families).

After reading dozens of emails from fellow music therapists and educators asking for advice on starting an early childhood music program, I decided to take the plunge and create an online CMTE course on this very topic. It covers the entire process — from conception to the very last class — and everything in between.

Early Childhood Programs CMTE

This course consists of 3 chapters, and each chapter is made up of 6 videos. Watch the videos at your own pace and on your own time; once you register, you will have 3 months to complete the videos, final evaluation, and post-test. Each video comes with a downloadable audio track and PDF of the slides in the video.

Course Outline

I. Create

What Kind of Program Will You Create?
Songwriting for Ages 0-3
Choosing Children’s Songs
Instruments, Props & Singable Stories
Packaging Your Program
Chapter 1 Action Steps

II. Market

Location, Location, Location
The Money Stuff
Devising a Marketing Plan
Make the Most of Local Resources
Create a Buzz Online
Chapter 2 Action Steps

III. Make Music

Before the First Class
Preparing the Environment
How To Be a Rockstar
Tips for Tricky Situations
After the Last Class
Chapter 3 Action Steps

Please note that I will be answering all questions posted by course participants inside the course. I want this course to be as interactive and educational as possible so that you have the resources to go forward and create a successful program.

BONUS: You will also receive 12 songs (including mp3, instrumental track, and lead sheet) from the Listen & Learn Music collection. That is $36 worth of music at your fingertips, which you are invited to use as inspiration for your own early childhood program, or include in their original form. You are also welcome to create adaptations and use the instrumental track to record your new versions.

What Participants are Saying

“I enjoyed all the details and examples you gave on the logistics of your program. For example – wording you used in an email, things to say to parents/children in difficult situations…etc. For my professional life, I appreciated your chapter on the “money stuff”. This was an area that I felt least confident- setting prices, and how much I should expect to spend in costs for my program.”


“The first 2 chapters were probably the most useful since I’ve never created or marketed my own early childhood program before. However, the last chapter had good information as well, including some considerations I hadn’t thought of before. All of the information was broken down into easy to understand steps and components. After completing this course, I feel confident in my ability to create effective early childhood programs that will add to my new private practice.”


Last Chance to Enroll!

Soon this course will be archived and available only to VIP members of Listen & Learn Plus! So if you’re interested in starting or growing your own early childhood music program, make sure to join the course now.

Once you complete your payment safely and securely via credit card or PayPal, you will receive an email confirmation with a PDF download directing you to the course contents.

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Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with this course, you have 30 days to submit a written request for a refund, including an explanation for your dissatisfaction. The course creator reserves the right to approve or deny refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

Early Childhood Programs: Create, Market, Make Music! is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 3 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Music Therapy Connections, #P-103, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.